Terms and Conditions

1. Overview

Applicability. This user agreement applies to the GigTimeTM website and all other services provided by the GigTimeTM team.

2. Privacy

How we use your data. All data gathered through our services is used to identify who you are and where you live. Whenever you conflict with this user agreement, we will send an armed squad to your home to teach you that these kinds of actions will not be tolerated by GigTimeTM. Also, we are allowed to sell all of your data to shady people and if you have more data available that we can use to gain more money you are legally obligated to supply that data to us. That extra data must be send to Services@gigtime.com.

3. User Experience

Some binding agreements. We are legally allowed to offer you an even more unique experience regarding other services that are provided through us. Some of these unique experiences may include, but are not limited to, a field experience on digging site where you are able to gain more experience on digging holes for cables. Other experiences may include, but are not limited to you visiting an agricultural facility on the west-coast of Africa where you get an exclusive tutorial in picking cotton